Hospital Sickness & Injury Money Plan

Illustration of the HMCA hospital cash plans
€225 per night, up to €82,125 per year tax free to spend as you wish


You will receive €225 a night tax free for each night you spend in hospital - up to 365 days for either sickness or injury up to €82,125 a year. You are covered from the first day of enrolment. Members aged 70 and over will be eligible for 50% benefit.

Generous WORLDWIDE benefits for hospital stays:

  • €225 per night tax free
  • Over €82,000 per annum tax free
  • Cover 365 days per year
  • Double benefits of €450 per night when travelling abroad or when public transport involved
  • 95% of claims are processed the same day
  • Your calls always answered by a member of HMCA staff
  • Cover issued the same day we receive your application

This is a summary of the benefits available to you and full details will be sent upon enquiry.

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